April Wrap Up

As I sit down to write this, I realise I’ve actually only written one review since my last month’s wrap up…I’m hoping to get another one up shortly but oh my lord blogging schedules just aren’t my vibe it seems. Sorry folks!

Little Fires Everywhere – Celeste Ng

Little Fires

Another one of those books that kept popping up on my feed so I, once again, used some Book Depository giveaway money to nab myself this lovely paperback edition.

It took me a while to get in to this one but I ended up enjoying it quite a bit.

You can read my full review of this bad boy here. Miracle of miracles, one actually exists!

Knife Edge – Malorie Blackman

Knife Edge.jpg

This is a sequel to Noughts and Crosses which I read late last year and thoroughly enjoyed.

It’s a YA series that explores discrimination and racism in this weird kinda dystopian world. If any of those things sound interesting to you, you’re probably going to enjoy reading this.

Verdict: This was a solid sequel to Noughts and Crosses, and while it took me a bit longer to get hooked to, they’re pretty great books if you’re in to YA 🙂

The Sun is Also A Star – Nicola Yoon


It may be that at the age of 26 a YA book has to be a bit more stand-out than Yoon’s have been to really get me to love them.

I think I would have really enjoyed this book maybe 10 years ago, not quite so much today.

Verdict: If you’re a really keen YA fan, or actually a Young Adult, you’ll enjoy this more than I did #sorrynotsorry

The Little Paris Bookshop – Nina George

Paris Bookshop

I really loved this book guys. I’ve heard mixed reviews about it but the characterisations were perfect and the slower pace and beautifully emotional writing made me feel like I was living this life along the French rivers and canals along with the characters.

I’m hoping to get a full review up next post (let’s see how that pans out…)

Verdict: At a slower pace, this won’t sate an action-reader’s palate, but I adored it for it’s colourful characters and gorgeous storyline.


That’s it from me! If any of these reads remind you other books I should be picking up, hit me up in the comments below!

And a sneak peek at my May reads: I’ve just picked up Pachinko by Min Jin Lee for my first ever bookclub at the end of the month! Woohoo!

M x


Buy the books here:

Little Fires Everywhere
Knife Edge
The Sun Is Also A Star
The Little Paris Bookshop

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