6 easy tips to help you read more ♥

I’ve always loved books and reading (as evidenced by this post’s photo of me at 2 years old…). So, as a self-proclaimed book nerd and avid reader, I often get asked by friends how I read so many books.

First of all, after joining the ‘bookstagram’ community I can categorically tell you I am nowhere near being a ‘fast’ reader but uh…let’s just call me a moderately paced one and get on with the post, hey?


1. Take your book everywhere
Step one is simple. If you’re reading a book, make sure it’s with you all the time. You never know when a friend is going to be 10 minutes late, or when your train is going to get delayed, or your bus won’t show up (uncommon in Sydney, I know 😉 ).

What better way than to escape the depressing reality of Sydney transport than diving in to another world throug the pages of your book, hey?

Don’t wanna carry that bulky book everywhere? Good thing we’re in the 21st century and things like Kindles and phones let you read from the convenience of a small electronic thing that’s probably glued to your hand the majority of your day anyway!

2. Have a dedicated reading time!
This could be anything from simply getting in to bed 20 minutes earlier and spending that time reading, or opening your book on your daily commute.

Or maybe, like me, you sometimes wake up half an hour earlier than you need to and like, really need to pee, then can’t get back to sleep so you use the time to read your book and cuddle your otherwise pretty indifferent cat. No? Just me? Okay that’s fine but my point is I’m sure you can find time.

3. Listen while you walk!
I’ll admit I don’t listen to audiobooks BUT I know so many people who swear by them as they walk to their bus stop or to work.

The secret here is finding a well-narrated audiobook so you can really get in to it. Audible have a bunch of great ones available, and you can try your first one free.

4. Find the genre or type of book you love. Read them.
Possibly the most important tip here. You’re never going to want to pick up your book if you aren’t sucked in to the story or don’t like the characters, or just don’t give a sh*t what happens in it. Similar to a TV show, you’re not going to want to keep reading the next chapter if you’re completely uninterested (unless you’re some kind of masochist?)

Which leads me to my next point…

5. Stop reading books you aren’t enjoying
For the love of god just CLOSE THE BOOK and pick up something you’re going to like instead!

I spent way too much of my younger years slogging through books I really wasn’t enjoying and I honestly couldn’t tell you why. Fear of a failure nobody but me would ever know had happened? Maybe. But lordy did reading get way more enjoyable when I realised nobody gave a toss if I stopped reading something I was getting no pleasure out of. Hallelujah!

Maybe you’re still trying to get through a book because someone recommended it and really enjoyed it. Maybe it’s because it was really highly reviewed and you’re worried that maybe you’re just not ‘getting it’. WHO CARES, it’s okay to have different tastes to your friends and the rest of the world!

So, if you’re waiting for permission to close a book you’re not liking and never pick it up again, this my friend IS IT.

6. Talk about books!
I’m going to be honest, I hit a reading slump last year in comparison to my earlier days of devouring books one after another and staying up til 2am because I couldn’t put a book down.

Then I started posting the books I’d read each month (or two) on my personal Instagram account and Facebook account (#coffeeandabook), and it was really lovely to begin connecting with old and new friends about the books I’d read. Wehther it was someone asking how it was, or someone letting me know what they thought of a book, or even getting recommendations for bnew books based off what I’d read, it was so great to connect with people who also enjoyed reading (and encourage others to read too!)

Cut to December 2017 when I started my bookstagram account, I started talking to even more book-lovers from far and wide and all of a sudden the reading passion was back. Now I get to share the joy of reading with over 1300 people ♥

Connecting and chatting to other readers will encourage you to read more, I promise! Plus they’re likely to have some pretty sweet recommendations for you too.


Do you have any tips to add to this list? Whack them in the comments below!

Keep readin’ friends!


8 thoughts on “6 easy tips to help you read more ♥

  1. Great tips!
    I love my kindle, and with it i always have a book with me.
    Also dnf… it’s so underrated. But I’m always fine with it. Don’t wanna torture myself 😁

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  2. I used to ALWAYS force myself to keep reading a book even if I didn’t like it… it was as though my pride wouldn’t let me put it down? But I totally agree, why waste your time reading a book you’re not even enjoying when there are so many other wonderful books out there!!


    Liked by 1 person

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