Top 3 Thursday: Books I recommend

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the first ever ‘Top 3 Thursday’! There are so many weekly memes floating around out there that require way too much clutching at straws to fill in the bottom-end of a list, so I thought I would add to the fray and introduce a ‘Top 3’ style meme to peruse (or join) each Thursday.

Feel free to join in – I have put the next few weeks list topics up in my sidebar β™₯

But without further ado, here are the top 3 books I recommend!


Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine – Gail Honeyman


Despite the fact I only read it this year, this book has quickly moved on to my ‘Recommended’ list!

I love suggesting this book as I think it’s quick and easy enough that a non-reader would still enjoy it, while also dealing with pretty meaningful and interesting themes that most people can relate to in some way (so even those self-proclaimed ‘readers’ among us have come to love it).

Aside from Eleanor’s past traumas, the book also deals with ideas around loneliness and friendship in a pretty powerful way.

The Secret History – Donna Tartt

I don’t have a photo for this one because it’s currently at my Mum’s house after I recommended it to her πŸ˜‰

While I probably wouldn’t suggest this one for a reluctant reader (almost purely due to its length), I adored this book.

The plot sucks you in and the dynamic between all the different characters is just so interesting to watch play out and have a roll-on affect to the plot. While it took a little while to get in to, once it had me hooked I could not put it down.

I’ve had more Donna Tartt on my TBR since reading this and while I haven’t yet gotten to some of them (oops), I have heard that The Secret History is a favourite for most people. Admittedly for me The Goldfinch didn’t quite measure up to this book, so maybe they’re right!

Read it and find out for yourself πŸ˜‰

The Hate U Give – Angie Thomas


Pros: YA genre so it’s easy to read but also deals with some pretty powerful themes of racism so you won’t really think you’re reading a YA book. With an incredibly interesting plot with very well-written (and sometimes confronting) scenes, Angie Thomas has knocked her debut novel outta the park!

Cons: If you haven’t already, you’re really gonna start to feel your white privilege while reading this*.

Feel free to click this underlined text and be whisked away to my full review of this book.

*this is not actually a con, please don’t @ me πŸ˜›


Ironically this is probably one list I could add more than 3 books to BUT HEY, maybe I’ll revisit it at some point in the future.

What are your Top 3 Books you recommend people? Throw them in the comments and let me know!

Even better, join in the weekly meme on your own blog and link it below so we can all see! β™₯

M xx

20 thoughts on “Top 3 Thursday: Books I recommend

    1. Hehe this one, ironically, is probably the only list I could hit 5-10 on! What are your top recs? I’ll allow more than 3 for you, Jane 🀭🀭🀭


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