Top 3 Thursday: Fictional Characters I’d Be Roomates With

Hey readers!

Welcome to another Top 3 Thursday, and this one is a topic I’m having a lot of fun thinking about 🙂 We’re talking about the fictional characters we’d be roomates with. To be honest, when I thought of this topic I more meant ‘housemates’ than ‘roomates’ but let’s roll with it shall we?


Cather (Fangirl)

I feel like Cath and I would get along super well as roomies. She’s a fairly well balanced character, with a light and funny side, and I think we’d understand each other’s introverted tendencies a lot of the time.

I reckon she’s also a considerate and quiet person who would still enjoy a bit of a chat and catch up when she was in the mood. Plus sometimes everyone jsut needs an Emergency Dance Party 😉

Jo (Little Women)

I always related to Jo, both of us growing up such little tomboys! I see a lot of myself in Jo, down to her growing up and accepting her gender/femininity a bit more as she got older, but still keeping that cheeky tomboyish style as well.

I think we’d have enough similarities to make us get along like a house on fire (though hopefully our house wouldn’t be the one ablaze), but a few differences that would keep life entertaining and interesting.

Raven (My Big Birkett)

You know what, who can resist a guy who cooks and loves his siblings enough to sneak veggies in to the spag bol?! Plus he’s a reader so we’d be able to have chats and also enjoy some quiet reading time together.

Raven has this wonderful attitude and doesn’t compromise what he thinks or believes in for anyone else’s sake, which is probably a lesson I could do with reminders of every now and then.

It also helps that I had a major crush on him when I was a teenager but I think we’d just make fabulous friends now 🙂


So there you have it, my wonderful mish-mash share house! I think we’d have a wonderful, if not a little weird, adoptive family life together.

Which fictional characters would you be able to live with/room with? Let me know in the comments below, or join in T3T on your own blog and link us below!

M xx


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