May Wrap Up

Hey readers!

Oh boy, this has been the least number of books I’ve read in a month all year. OOPS! I spent most of the month on my Tempting Reads Book Club pick (which you can check out below), then rounded it out with a couple of YA books to bump up the books-read number a bit. 10/10 would recommend this method of getting through more books (if you’re a YA fan, obviously).


Pachinko – Min Jin Lee 


So this was my book club read for this month, which I chose after seeing it everywhere on Bookstagram including for a few other friends’ book club picks. I have to say that it’s the kind of book that lends itself well to being talked about with a great bunch of ladies and delicious food.

There are so many different ways the story splits and weaves so there’s plenty to talk about, and while the spanning of generations means each storyline gets cut a little bit short, or has a little bit left out, I still thoroughly enjoyed the read.

Keep an eye out for my full review coming in the next couple of weeks!

Verdict: Whether or not you like historical fiction, if you have an interest in family relationships, culture, and interesting characters, you’ll find something to like in this book. Be warned though, it’s almost 500 pages 🙂

Whisper – Lynette Noni

Whisper - Lynette Noni

This book came in my Booked for the Weekend rep crate, and I’d heard a lot about it so I was really excited to give it a read.

Though sci-fi isn’t my go-to genre, the book was grounded in reality enough and had a kind of dystopian vibe to it so I ended up really loving it!

You can read my full review here.

Verdict: Quick, great read for those who enjoy sci-fi/dystopian YA.

All the Bright Places – Jennifer Niven

ATBP Wrap Up

Yet another bookstagram buy (I’m pretty sure that’s all my bookshelf is these days), and I can understand why the book got so much hype on there.

While it didn’t *quite* live up the hype for me I still really enjoyed the read and sped through it due to it’s interesting storyline, in-depth characterisation, and the fact it’s YA 😉

Full review is being posted tomorrow!

Verdict: YA-lovers will definitely enjoy this, as will anyone with an interest in themes around mental health and grief.



Well, that’s it for May, another month done and dusted and HOW ARE WE ALREADY AT JUNE?!

If you have any thoughts on the books above, I’d love to hear them! Pop them in the comments below – let’s chat books 🙂

M xx


Buy the books here:

All The Bright Places

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