Top 3 Thursday: Reading Spots

Hey readers!

Most bookworms I know will pick their book up for a read anywhere they can, but will also have an absolutely ideal reading spot. Today’s T3T is all about sharing those cosy reading dens we love 🙂

Here are mine…

1. Curled up in an armchair at Accents Cafe in Dublin

I know this is kind of ridiculous given I don’t live there anymore, but it was always so comforting being curled up in a big armchair cradling a mug of delicious hot chocolate while it was cold (and probably raining) outside

2. On my lounge when the sun hits it, with my cat purring next to me

It rarely happens because my cat is so skittish, but it always feels really special (and cosy with her warmth) when she joins me for a read.

And yep, that link above will take you to her instagram page (I’m not even ashamed).

3. Lying in bed with a cup of tea warming my non-reading hand

Okay so it’s not that special, but it’s how most of my reading gets done so it seems pretty great to me!


I’d love to hear your favourite reading spots – especially if they’re somewhere other bookworms can visit and quietly enjoy too! Pop them in the comments below ♥

M xx

3 thoughts on “Top 3 Thursday: Reading Spots

  1. My post will be up tomorrow morning (it’s still Wednesday here because timezones) but one of the ones on my list was also my bed with tea! It really is the most relaxing place to be

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