Top 3 Thursday: Genres

Happy Thursday, friends!

This week on T3T we’re looking at our top 3 genres. A lot of people I know mostly stick to one genre, which I completely understand because all power to you for knowing what you like!

I have a bit of an eclectic reading taste, and will happily (for the most part) read whatever is recommended to me. Unless it’s high fantasy #sorrynotsorry (the names confuse me, let’s be real).

Anyway, here are 3 genres I do love, and find myself reading often.

1. Contemporary Fiction

This is possibly a cop out because it encompasses quite a wide range of books. But what I mean by contemporary novels are books set in modern day, in the real world. I love losing myself in someone else’s life, and when it’s in a world I recognise I feel like I can properly relate to a character.

Two of my top contemporary reads this year have been The Book Ninja and Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine.

2. Young Adult

Say what you will about a 26 year old reading Young Adult, these stories are so often scattered with loveable and accessible characters. Plus they often make for a quick, light read and I love rounding out my reading month with a YA book or two.

Some YA books I’ve enjoyed this year are Simon vs the Homosapiens Agenda (of course) and Fangirl (Cath is just fab).

3. Historical Fiction

Okay this is a bit of a contentious one because I don’t love every Historical Fiction book I pick up. However, some of my favourite reads over the years have fallen in to this category, because when done well, Historical Fiction novels are amazing for learning about different parts of history and the people who lived through them.

One of my favourites this year has been Pachinko. And an all time favourite is The Book Thief.


What are your favourite genres to read, and why do you keep coming back to the genre?

An honourable mention for this post has also gotta be ‘Women’s Fiction’. Though I hesitate to call books that, there have been so many fantastic reads of mine that would fall in to this category.

As usual, if you join in on these Top 3 Thursday memes please also comment the link to your post below – I love reading them ♥

M xx

4 thoughts on “Top 3 Thursday: Genres

  1. I’m not participating in this week’s topic, but historical fiction and contemporary would definitely be in my top 3! Though like you, historical fiction really depends for me. There are certain time periods I’ll read anything from, but otherwise, I usually need a certain kind of character or storyline to really get into it

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  2. OH MY GOOOODD!!! My three favourite genres are ditto same as yours!!! ❤❤❤ Btw MY fourth fav genre is psychological thriller too 😀 I love some suspense!


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