Top 3 Thursday: Bookish Foods

Happy Thursday, friends!

Just a quick thanks again to Amy @ The Zany Bibliophile for suggesting this month’s topics! If you have any suggestions please feel free to pop them here.

This week’s topic can be interpreted as either foods to eat while reading, OR food in books you wish you could eat. I’ve decided to mix it up below 🙂

1. Tea + Scone

This has got to be my favourite reading snack. While I don’t often snack while I read, my Dublin life heavily featured visits to cafes to read and enjoy a fresh scone and piping hot cup of tea. Such a dreamy life.

2. A feast in the Great Hall

Honestly this is probably cheating but I just want to be involved in a Hogwarts feast goddammit! I mean, seriously, PLATES OF FOOD THAT FILL THEMSELVES UP?! Oh my days yes please.

3. Violet’s 3-course Bubblegum Meal

Oh Willy Wonka you crazy genius! I mean, as long as I didn’t blow up to look like a blueberry I’d be pretty intrigued to try a 3-course bubblegum meal!


What are your favourite  bookish foods? What other Top 3 Thursday topics do you want to see?

As always, let me know if you join in on these Top 3 Thursday blog posts so I can show you some love! ♥

M xx

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