Top 3 Thursday: Characters I Relate To

It’s Thursday again, and I can almost taste the weekend ♥

I’m just going to dive right in this week, since it’s a pretty self-explanatory topic 🙂

1. Cather – Fangirl

I feel like this one might be a popular one this week! While I don’t share in Cath’s anxiety, I definitely feel her introverted side on a very real level, as well as her ability to laugh at herself and have a bit of fun when the right people are surrounding her (emergency dance party, anyone?)

2. Hermione – Harry Potter Series

This one probably needs minimal explaining. Growing up a little bit nerdy, and a lot with my head in a book, and alongside two boys (brothers) to occasionally try pulling in to line…the similarities are strong! Haha

3. Ove – A Man Called Ove

I KNOW THIS IS A WEIRD ONE. But honestly, somewhere in me lives a grumpy old man who just wants some peace and quiet. And whose heart is reasonably quickly melted with kind actions and friendships. So you know…there’s that.


Which characters do you relate to in books? Do you ever find yourself thinking “AHH It’s ME!” when reading?

As always, let me know if you join in on these Top 3 Thursday blog posts so I can show you some love! ♥

M xx

5 thoughts on “Top 3 Thursday: Characters I Relate To

  1. Oh, gosh. I relate to Cather as well and I was a little bit like Hermione while growing up. I haven’t read A Man Called Ove yet so I don’t know about that one. This is a great post and idea! ☺️

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