Review: King of the Seven Lakes – A B Endacott

I have been hanging out to read this book ever since I finished the first book in the Series – Queendom of the Seven Lakes – which you can read my review of here. This review may contain spoilers of the first book (but no spoilers for this one, I promise!)

King of the Seven Lakes picks up almost where Queendom left off, with Gidyon now on the throne of the Royal Family and needing desperately to secure the support of as many of the Seven Families as he can. However, that looks increasingly difficult as a Civil War becomes more and more likely thanks to one of the Families…

Let me just say, I adored this book as much as the first one, which is no mean feat for a sequel! Gidyon and Elen-ai’s friendship continues to blossom through this book and it’s so refreshing to read two characters who are so close without there being any fall in to the trope of friendship-turned-romance.

I also loved that we got to see a bit deeper characterisation of Elen-ai as she shows a wider range of emotions in this book. While I didn’t find her boring or stilted last book, something about Endacott’s writing through King of the Seven lakes brings Elen-ai to life even more and fills out Elen-ai’s character with more faceted feelings and inner monologue.

There are so many fabulous moments in this book both hilarious (like at the festival) and sobering (through the battle) but it’s such a joy to read Endacott’s already great writing become even more lyrical.

I’ll be honest, as soon as I finished this book I jumped on to the Kindle Store straight away and bought the 3rd in the series – The Ruthless Land – and I really hope I can get to read it soon!

Rating: If you enjoyed Queendom of the Seven Lakes you definitely won’t be disappointed by its sequel! I’d recommend starting at book one and giving this fabulous series a read. Especially since it’s by a home-grown Aussie talent!


Have you read Queendom of the Seven Lakes or King of the Seven Lakes yet? What did you think? Are you excited for Book 3?

What other local Aussie talent are you loving?

Until next time,

M xx

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