Review: The Lucky Ones – Ashley Chegwyn

Ashley Chegwyn is an up and coming Aussie author who was kind enough to send me a copy of her newest book – The Lucky Ones – for review.

Synopsis: After a mandatory six month hiatus, Hollywood’s favourite It-Girl, Emery Grey, finds herself back in the spotlight she’s trying to avoid.

The cameras are still flashing, her mother is bribing her and she’s in a PR relationship with the devil. Combine that with the therapy sessions and medication, she’s drowning under the pressure.

Lucky for her, her behind-closed-doors boyfriend, Colton, is happy to dive in and help. However, Emery doesn’t want him to hang on if it means pulling him under too. But how do you let go of the life raft that’s keeping you afloat?

This was definitely one of the lighter reads I’ve jumped in to this year! I enjoyed Chegwyn’s writing style and the story switches between Emery and Colton’s points of view without jarring, which can be challenging when reading changing POVs in a book.

I feel like there was an opportunity to explore more deeply the depression and anxiety that Emery feels throughout the novel. While I love that mental health issues like these are getting more exposure in YA fiction these days, and Chegwyn certainly doesn’t romanticise them in The Lucky Ones, I feel like it wasn’t explored to its full potential in this book. It would have been great to hear a bit more of Emery’s internal monologue about what led to her and Colton’s meeting and her time in Woodside, rather than her main focus being on her relationship with Colton. That said, I remember what it was like being her age and the relationship struggles probably were pretty all-consuming!

The array of characters in The Lucky Ones were certainly an interesting mix – with the gorgeous boyfriend, protective older brother(-in-law), kind of useless brother with a secret heart of gold, the beautiful bestie, and of course the horrid ex-boyfriend. While there was nothing too groundbreaking about the novel, sometimes it’s a comfort to read the tropes we know.

Rating: I probably would have enjoyed this book more when I was younger, however in my mid-20s it didn’t have quite enough substance for me to really get in to. Younger readers looking for a quick read might enjoy this one 🙂

Regardless, I’m excited to see what Chegwyn produces next, as I think her writing has plenty of potential!


If you’re in and around Sydney, the book launch of The Lucky Ones is being held at Better Read Than Dead in Newtown this Saturday (September 8th). Find more details here.

You can also connect with the lovely Ashley on her socials below:

Until next time,
M xx

This book will be released on September 7th and will be available to purchase on Amazon.

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