Review: Impostors – Scott Westerfeld

Alright, here it is. The first book by a white male author I have read since February this year, after making a pact to myself to read more diversely. That said, there have been many books I’ve put off reading due to this fact, however I loved the Uglies series when I was in high school, so when I received a review copy of Impostors I literally couldn’t say no – I owed it to my 14-year-old self to read it! ♥

This book is set in the same world as the Uglies series is, but works perfectly well as a standalone book if you haven’t read Westerfeld’s earlier series. I didn’t re-read any of the books (and probably last read them over 10 years ago) and I had no trouble picking up this book and getting in to it anyway!

Frey was raised to take a bullet. She’s the body double for her twin sister Rafia – the precious heir of the first family of Shreve – and her existence is a closely guarded secret. So while Rafi was schooled in poise and diplomacy, Frey was drilled in weapons and combat. Her purpose: to protect her sister from their tyrannical father’s many enemies.

When Frey is sent in Rafi’s place as collateral in a precarious business deal, she becomes the perfect impostor – as elegant and charming as her sister. But Col Palafox, the son of a rival leader, is getting close enough to spot the killer inside her. As layers of deceit peel away, can Frey become her own person, and risk everything in a rebellion?


Westerfeld continues his fantastic world-building in Impostors, creating such distinct cities and nations under the one book. The story is also scattered with made-up phrases that are completely understandable and add to the feeling of being in a version of Earth in the future.

As you have probably learned by now if you’ve read my past reviews, I’m all about the romance in books as long as it doesn’t take over the story. Westerfeld hits that amazing middle ground perfectly, using language that lets you know how the couple feel about each other without overtly talking about their love or feelings too much. Yes please, can we get more of this in books? The way this was written allowed Frey to be seen as this amazingly strong woman who still had heart and emotions without letting them control her (a trope I feel like we see way to often in YA/literature in general). Kudos to you, Scott!

And without giving away too much can I just say Frey and Rafia’s Dad is literally psychotic and was written PERFECTLY. I hate him but damn he is good at what he does. I cannot WAIT to see what happens next, because there definitely has to be a next book otherwise Impostors would have the cruellest cliffhanger ending of all time!

Rating: If you liked the Uglies series, you’ll enjoy this just as much. If you haven’t read the Uglies series, any urban sci-fi readers among you won’t regret picking this bad boy up for a read.


Is there any world from a standalone book or series from your younger reading years that you’d love to read another book in?

Until next time,

M xx

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Hugest thank you to the team at Allen & Unwin for sending me a review copy of Impostors in exchange for an honest review.

7 thoughts on “Review: Impostors – Scott Westerfeld

  1. Ahh i really want to get to this one and the uglies series! I loved scott’s other books when I was younger like Peeps which was awesome. Great review and I love that middle ground for romance in books too 😊

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