Top 3 Thursday: Spooky/Creepy Books

Happy day-after-Halloween all!

I’ll admit that I’m not the biggest fan of spooky or creepy books, so my take on ‘creepy’ may not be the same as everyone’s! 😛

I’ll pop them below and you can decide…

1. The Lovely Bones – Alice Sebold

There’s just something downright creepy about this story! I really loved the read, and it was a gripping novel, but it gave my goosebumps…

2. After the Lights Go Out – Lili Wilkinson

It’s kind of creepy to think about how reliant we all are on technology now. What would happen to society if there was an AMP attack? SpoooOOOoooopy!

3. The Green Mile – Stephen King

I absolutely adored this book! I remember walking to the bus stop in high school with my nose in this book because I just couldn’t tear myself away from it!

Admittedly not one of King’s creepiest or spookiest novels, but each to their own hey!


Do you like Spooky or Creepy reads? Or are you a bit of a sook like me? 🙂

Until next week,

M xx

3 thoughts on “Top 3 Thursday: Spooky/Creepy Books

  1. The Lovely bones was definitely creepy and had me balling, after all the lights go out was amazing and gave me chills and although I haven’t read it, the Green mile is my dad’s favourite book 😂 for once I knew all the books in one post haha


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