Top 3 Thursday: ‘Ships’ that never sailed

Here’s a Top 3 Thursday for the romantics among us. Dedicated to all those fictional relationships that never quite got off the ground, even though we wanted them to…

1. Harry Potter and Cho Chang (Harry Potter Series)

No shade to Ginny or anything but I really would have loved for Cho to get more show time in these books, and they were damn cute!

2. Sparrow and Feral (Strange the Dreamer Series)

These are making me feel bad because I still like the relationships that happened, I just kinda wish sweet little Sparrow got her love story too.

3. Nick and Paige (The Bone Season)

Yeah look, I know she’s not the right gender for him but before I found that out I was shipping them HARD. But, a loss for females is a very epic win for the males in Scion London!


Do you have any fictional couples you wanted to get together but never did?

Until next week,
M xx

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