Top 3 Thursday: Bookstagram accounts

So as you all know by now, I’m part of this pretty rad instagram community of book lovers like myself. And because my Bookstagram anniversary is next Monday, it seems like a great week to be sharing some of my favourite accounts from that part of the internet-world!

1. @princessbecreads – Bec

Not only does Bec post pretty amazing pics, she also introduced me to the community and encouraged me to start an account. She is and forever will be my #1 Booksta Bae.

2. @booksundays – Imogen

This feed is what cosy goals are made of. Plus there is a nice mix of contemporary reads in there which can sometimes be hard to find in fantasy-ridden Bookstagram haha.

3. @linesiunderline – Kerry

Kerry has such fabulous taste in books, and her minimalist photos combined with gorgeous lines and passages from the books are always so interesting. Plus, Kerry always takes the time to comment and engage with others on the platform which is what it’s all about!


I also want to shout out two more absolute BABES from the bookstagram world who I’m now lucky enough to call friends IRL – Grace (@thebooknut101) and Liz (@straightofftheshelf)

Who are some of your favourites?

Until next week,

M xx

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