The Book Ninja Challenge | Reading List

When I first started reading The Book Ninja, I had a notepad by me and began to keep track of all the books they were mentioning. I literally couldn’t keep up with all the literary references in the book, and by about Chapter 3 I had a quick flick to the back and realised there was, indeed, a list of all the books mentioned.

And so, about a year later, The Book Ninja Challenge was born. I wanted to know just how many of these books I had read, and which ones I was missing out on.

So, I’ve turned the ‘Book Ninja Book List’ into an easy-to-scan reading list, complete with genres and page length for you!

See The Book Ninja Challenge here!

Yep, there’s a whopping 140 books on that list, and I’ve read a mere 51 of them! So, let’s break it down a bit…


While there are a scattering of genres mentioned in the book, the ones that really stand out on this list are how many YA books there are compared to adult reads, as well as the overwhelming number of fiction. Here are some stats:

YA Reads: 32 (of which I’ve read 17…)
31 (of which I’ve read 14!)
Memoirs/Biographies: 6
Other Non-Fic Reads: 8
Fantasy/Sci-Fi  Reads: 13
Contemporary Reads: 36
Historical Fiction:


I’m not ashamed to admit that many of the ones I’ve read fall in to the YA category, as you can see above, but there are a handful of contemporaries and classics I’ve also already got my paws on!

One of my favourite books read on this list is Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, and We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves was also a fabulous story.


I guess these are worth mentioning in list form, as there only seems to be 5 so maybe you can help tell me where to start? 😉

The Jane Austen Book Club
Big Little Lies
One Day
Dear Martin
We Were Liars


Because really, the list is more of a guideline, right?

I’m going to skip on reading the Fifty Shades books because…well I don’t think I need a reason. I’ll also be passing on the Parenting books because we just aren’t there yet in the life plan, you know? 

So I’m interested, which books from this list have you read? Are there any favourites on the list, or ones you want to get to, or even ones you hated?

Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,
M xx

Click the graphic below to see the reading list again!

the book ninja reading list (2)

9 thoughts on “The Book Ninja Challenge | Reading List

  1. I might pass your blog address on to others so they can see this list. I looked up my “Books Read” list and realized it surpassed most people’s list–perhaps even the 140 Ninja list. I counted 20 + by David Baldacci alone, then stopped counting.



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