Books That Disappointed Me | Top 3

I feel like this is the kind of topic I normally shy away from, but sometimes a book disappoints us not because it isn’t a good read, but because we had high expectations that weren’t met.

My list are a combination of both…

1. Stalking Jack the Ripper – Kerri Maniscalco

Did anyone else find Audrey-Rose absolutely insufferable? Like, I could write an essay on how much I hate her character. Not even sorry about it, come at me.

Unfortunately, my annoyance over her character kind of overshadowed the book for me, even though it seems like the majority of other people in the Bookstagram world liked it.

2. Inappropriation – Lexi Freiman

Eek. Look, this book is one of those reads where I can see the appeal if you’re a certain kind of reader. I read the blurb and thought it looked really interesting and cheeky, but when it came to actually reading the book I couldn’t make it through even the first quarter.

Reading some reviews, I get the feeling this is a book people either love or hate, so I’m likely not alone!

3. Your Second Life Begins When You Realise You Only Have One – Raphaelle Giordano

This book had the promise of a cute, uplifting novel. Instead, I got a self-help book thinly disguised as a fictional tale. It wasn’t a very good disguise.

Have any recent reads of yours disappointed you for one reason or another?

Let’s chat in the comments below, maybe you’re not alone!

Until next week,
M xx

5 thoughts on “Books That Disappointed Me | Top 3

  1. Audrey-Rose was FOR SURE insufferable, i dnf’d the first book bc I just couldn’t do it, and it saddened me sm???? the premise is amazing 😥 I DEMAND THAT SOMEONE REWRITE IT LSKF

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