Character Traits | Top 3

Some characters make it feel like you’re reading a novel about yourself, others are well written to teach you about different cultures or lifestyles. So, what character traits do you love to see on your reading adventures?

1. Flawed hero

Honestly, who has time for those main characters who are practically perfect in every way (sorry Mary Poppins)?! Give me someone with relatable  character flaws any day of the week, thanks!

2. Sass

Oh man, I love a sassy character. They can lead to some of the funniest internal monologues or interactions between characters. I don’t particularly love it when it’s too try-hard but a genuinely sassy character will always make me smile!

3. Conceited ‘villains’

I guess it doesn’t really count as a favourite character trait, but I really enjoy seeing conceited people get their comeuppance in novels. Not sorry ’bout it.

What character traits do you love (or hate) to see in novels? Let’s chat!

Until next week,
M xx

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