Fictional Relationships | Top 3

It appears the Valentine’s Day madness at work, along with general madness in my real life, has gotten to me and I’ve fallen a tad behind on this blogging thing. OOPS!

But here I am again, sitting side-by-side with my Valentine on this Valentine’s day, blogging for you book-baes (I think it’s true love).

1. Harry, Ron & Hermione (Harry Potter Series)

I’m calling this one a platonic relationship between the three of them, I just really love how the dynamics between them work, and that they are all reliable and contribute to the trio in unique ways. What a lovely bunch of friends!

2. Cath and Levi (Fangirl)

I love these two! Praise be to ALL authors who DON’T write relationships that start with the males been a**holes and it being a sign of them liking a girl. MORE NICE MEN THANKS!

I’d take a Levi any day. In fact, I think I might have one.

3. Sam and Penny (Emergency Contact)

*Potential spoiler but not really because it’s a YA contemporary book so like, not a real surprise that two people end up together*
Okay so I know this one grows out of Penny ignoring her roomies request to not fall for Sam, BUT they help each other in so many ways that it’s impossible not to love them. They slowly bring each other out of their shells, without compromising who the other person is or what they value. I definitely enjoyed watching this relationship blossom.

What fictional relationships, platonic or romantic, are some of your favourites?

Or, tell me which ones you have if you’re that way inclined on Valentine’s Day 😉

Until next week,
M xx

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