Books I’m scared to start | Top 3

You know how sometimes, books on your TBR are just so…intimidating? Whether in size or because of your expectations of it…well, I do and here are some of mine!

1. The Mermaid and Mrs Hancock – Imogen Hermes Gowar

I have heard so many great things about this around Instagram, and it’s been sitting on my shelves since mid-last year I think when I came across it in an op shop (bingo!). I tried sneaking it in as our book club read to force myself to read it but alas, I think I’ll have to self-motivate for this one. Thankfully some of the hype I’ve heard is from bookstagrammers whose opinions I trust!

2. Brida – Paolo Coelho

Honestly I loved The Alchemist so much I’m kind of just worried his other books won’t live up to it. Please feel free to help allay my fears! 😀

3. Wundersmith – Jessica Townsend

Nevermoor took me a while to get in to but once I hit the tipping point I was HOOKED. So I have sequel-fear with Wundersmith but I’m sure it will be just as magical as the first. Fingers crossed!

Are there any daunting books sitting on your shelves?

Until next week,
M xx

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