February Reads | Wrap Up

Oh boy, it’s been a while since I sat and did a monthly reading wrap up! It’s been a hectic few months…but here we are again! Let’s catch up 😉

Everything Here is Beautiful – Mira T Lee

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This was a gorgeously woven tale about sisterhood, relationships, mental illness, and love in it’s many forms. I was enthralled by the characters and my heart broke right along with them. My frustrations at characters or situations were almost entirely dependent on the narrative voice at the time, which is a credit to Lee’s ability to separate and define her character’s perspectives and voices as she changes perspectives in the book.

You can read my full review here.

Verdict: Interesting and heartbreaking, worth the read!

The Hating Game – Sally Thorne

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I’d heard so many good things about this book, but it unfortunately fell short for me. I didn’t find the characters overly likeable or believable, and it was fairly predictable. To be fair, it’s a romance novel so I don’t think plot is what most people would read it for…but I was expecting a bit more substance due to the hype it received!

Verdict: Probably not worth picking up unless you’re keen on romance novels.

Where’d You Go, Bernadette? – Maria Semple

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I’m still not entirely sure how I feel about this book! I read it pretty quickly, and the starting format (written in dossier style) kept me turning the pages and made me chuckle. But towards the end, it switches to a more traditional narration which slowed the pace down, even though the plot was building towards the big finish. Stay tuned for a proper review!

Verdict: A nice light book with a quirky cast.

I Am Out With Lanterns – Emily Gale

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Another one I’m not quite decided on! The characters kept me reading, though if you were to ask me what the overall plot of the book was I’m not sure I’d be able to tell you…it follows a few different high schoolers navigating different problems they face, and though Adie as a character recurs in the other stories as the ‘new kid’, I don”t know that it was a super satisfying book on the whole. Again, this one is on my ‘to be reviewed’ list…if I can get my thoughts straight on it!

Verdict: Not the most loveable characters, but a decent enough YA contemporary read.

Izzy + Tristan – Shannon Dunlap

Image result for izzy + tristan book

It seems re-tellings are all the rage these days! This is the first one that I’ve read, and I was pleasantly surprised! Tristan and Iseult isn’t a story I’m super familiar with, but the translation of the story in to modern day New York life was done well. I liked that the characters were made a bit more complex than some YA reads can paint people.

Verdict: A quick read that’s worth picking up if you like contemporary YA and/or modern re-tellings.

Not a bad month for me, although a pretty shocking one for keeping up with reviews! I promise reviews will be back to their regular schedule…soon. I also don’t think I had any 4-5 star reads this month! Everything Here is Beautiful was my favourite of the month, with a solid 3.5/4 stars I think 🙂

What did you guys read this month? Any 5-star reads?

Or if you’ve read any of the above, what did you think? I’d love to hear some differing opinions too, as I know a few of these are well loved and just didn’t quite hit the mark for me personally.

M xx

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Everything Here is Beautiful – Mira T Lee
The Hating Game – Sally Thorne
Where’d You Go, Bernadette? – Maria Semple
I Am Out With Lanterns – Emily Gale
Izzy + Tristan – Shannon Dunlap

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4 thoughts on “February Reads | Wrap Up

  1. Haven’t heard much about Izzy + Tristan but I vaguely know that there’s a movie based on the story of Tristan and Iseult… disappointed that you couldn’t get into The Hating Game cause I love that book to bits but glad you gave it a go! Great reading month 😍😍


  2. Izzy + Tristan looked a bit basic to me, so it’s interesting that you found their depiction more complex than usual! that’s one of my gripes with some YA books where the characters are flat and two-dimensional, so it’s good this one doesn’t err in that department

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