Villains/Antagonists | Top 3

I can’t believe I missed Top 3 Thursday last week! I did love reading all of your posts though and seeing what movies adapted from books you weren’t fans of! Had I done mine, it would’ve 100% included a controversial choice of ‘The Help’ (I turned the movie off, the book was way better!)!

Anyway, let’s stop living in the past and move on to this week’s topic which was suggested by the lovely Bec @ Princess Bec Reads! I don’t read many books with straight-up ‘Villains’ so mine are more on the ‘Antagonist’ side of the character spectrum…

1. Eli Ever – Vicious & Vengeful

While Vicious makes it hard to truly “villainise” someone, because they’re all so morally questionable, there’s no doubt that Eli Ever is the supposed ‘antagonist’ of the story and I AM HERE FOR IT. He’s a great character and Schwab does an extraordinary job of building out his motivations and justifications.

2. AIDAN – Illuminae

Is he/it even a villain though?! I’m undecided, which is a reason that I love the character so much. Can you sense a theme…?

Also he’s straight up funny…and psychotic.

3. Professor Umbridge – Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

She’s just straight up evil. There is literally not a single redeeming thing about her, and anyone who coughs as much as she does is bound to be a horrendous human to have around. Hem hem. Ughhhh make. it. stop.

As you can see, the antagonists I really love are those whose back stories you get, or whose reasoning behind being the way they are almost make sense. Except Umbridge… *shudders*.

How about you? Any villains you love-to-hate, or just kinda love?

Until next week,
M xx

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