Book Club Reads | Top 3

I have been loving being part of a book club lately! Well, for the last year or so – I guess that’s not ‘lately’…

Though we never have any shortage of book recommendations, I’m going to really enjoy reading people’s Top 3 lists this week for some more to add!

Here are some of mine, whether I read them as part of book club or not!

1. Pachinko – Min Jin Lee

This was our first ever book club read, and it was a fabulous one. We all had differing opinions (though from memory nobody disliked it). There’s a lot of relationships to think about, but not so many you lose track, and it spans over such a long time that it was a great book to really sink your teeth in to and get talking about!

2. The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart – Holly Ringland

I  have just finished reading this (not for book club) and I honestly am not sure I’ve read a more beautiful book. The prose is absolutely gorgeous, and I think it would make a stellar book club read as there’s a lot to unpack with it in terms of themes and the emotional manipulation/abuse encountered through the story.

3. Wild – Cheryl Strayed

I actually listened to this one as an audiobook and really enjoyed it. Similar to the others, I think there’s a lot of fodder in this memoir for a Book Club to chat about, plus it’s always great to be reading about other women’s journeys and lives!

I know there are so man great books out there, but I’m wondering what you think makes a book good for book club?

Personally, I think it’s having a book that’s a good book but potentially divisive (I love a good discussion hehe), with interesting characters, relationships, and themes to chat about.

Can’t wait to hear your Top 3 for this week! Pop them in the comments below or let me know where I can find your blog post on them 🙂

Until next week,
M xx

7 thoughts on “Book Club Reads | Top 3

  1. Great list, I’m hosting a book club this year via email, each month we read a different book from a country, and then all come back and share what book we’ve read and how much we’ve learnt from it. The end result is some of the folk are re discovering the magic of reading….so that’s a plus.

    But I would add Sisterheart by Sally Morgan to your list – It makes you think and understand what a tremendous injustice the Stolen Generations were subjected to. I cried reading it…..and I suggested it to my email group and have had a few read it, and also experience the fundamental shift – when you realise the history you were taught in school was wrong in so many ways….

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