Bookish Friendships | Top 3

Top 3 friendships in books

I love reading about genuine friendships in books. Not ones that have to blossom in to romance, or friendships that feel too good to be true, but those friendships where you can feel the true bond between characters.

This week is dedicated to those friendships.

1. Hawthorne & Morrigan – Nevermoor

These two are so great for each other! Morrigan deserved a friend like Hawthorne when she was growing up, and I love reading scenes with these two in them because they’re so fun together and supportive of each other.

2. Laurie & Sarah – One Day in December

These two had their ups and downs, which I think goes to show how true their friendship is. It wasn’t always roses and laughter in this book but you could tell they genuinely cared for each other, which was so beautiful to read.

3. Alice and Lulu – The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart

Lulu is exactly the friend Alice needed in this book – someone who understood her and her struggles, and stood by her even when she didn’t understand the depth of trauma Alice had seen. Lulu brought so much love and heart to this book, I loved reading her scenes.

Who are some of your favourite bookish friends?

Until next week,
M xx

5 thoughts on “Bookish Friendships | Top 3

  1. I’ve just finished The Tea Chest by Josephine Moon. I loved it , so easy to read. I learnt heaps about tea, obviously. Have you read it, or any of her books. Not sure which one of hers to read next? It made me feel like looking forward to pick up my book & enjoy getting lost in my reading. I’d just finished reading The Educated by Tara Westover, my choice for my book club. Unfortunately, even though Tara was a very good writer, I found it a real chore to keep reading it. Her family were so awful.


  2. I’ve just finished the first seven books of the Expanse series by James S.A. Corey, and what I love about the books are the core group of characters – Amos, James, Alex and my favourites Naomi and Bobbie. They rock as a friendship/family group. They bring so much warmth to their relationships, I was talking about them with a friend who I might have got hooked on the series and she agrees with me, they leap off the page with their loyalty and honesty with each other.

    Do love that Morrigan has found herself a true friend in Hawthorne – I think that’s the one thing I wish most for my child – is for them to find a true friend.

    Great post!


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