Characters I’d Switch Places With| Top 3

How many times have you read a book and wistfully wished you could trade places with someone in the novel? This week’s T3T is dedicated to those moments.

1. Cath – Fangirl

So, I kinda think it’d be fun to live the US college life…in the quiet, introvert way that Cath manages it. Plus Levi is a sweetheart and her friends are pretty great, in the end.

2. Any unnamed Hufflepuff Character – Harry Potter Series

I mean, I would HANG THE S**T OUT in that common room, and I’d have magic, and wouldn’t be caught up in the drama of the Golden Trio. WIN WIN, I SAY!

3. A Hobbit – The Hobbit

Again, I think the unnamed hobbits are the ones that live my dream life. So much food, hanging out in a cosy lil house, no expectations to go on big adventures (but apparently the ability to do so!)…plus their town is like…ideal, right?! I am still yet to visit Hobbiton…maybe one day. Also, maybe I’d shave my feet? hahaha

What about you guys? Are there any characters you’d love to switch places with, even for a day or two?

Assuming that all the baggage and drama that makes a novel interesting kind of…doesn’t exist? 😛

Until next week,
M xx

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