Losing the Plot – Elizabeth Coleman | Review

Hello and welcome to another book review, an increasingly rare sight on this blog. I feel like every time I write one of these I promise I’ll get better at being regular, but sometimes I just go down a rabbit-hole of reading and by the time I realise I need to write reviews, I’ve had so many characters fill & break my heart that it’s hard to stay focused! 😛

Anyhoo, here’s one I read a while back that left me with a smile on my dial. I hope you enjoy.


Vanessa Rooney is a thirty-something dental hygienist who finds herself a single mum with a hole in her heart where her husband had been.

Somehow she finds the courage to fulfil her childhood dream of writing a romance novel but soon discovers that her novel has been plagiarised by her idol, celebrity author Charlotte Lancaster.

Vanessa reluctantly sues Charlotte with the help of suburban solicitor Dave Rendall, who’s nursing some unfulfilled dreams of his own. When gun QC Marcus Stafford agrees to join their legal team, Vanessa feels like her perfect man has stepped right out of the pages of her book and into her life.

As all hell breaks loose publicly and privately, Vanessa confronts a painful past and realises what Dave already knew – that she’s an intelligent, funny, amazing woman and Marcus Stafford is, well, a tosspot.

Vanessa finally understands that what she wanted wasn’t what she needed, but has this realisation come too late?

Blurb from Book Depository.


While a bit predictable (it’s hard not to be in the romance/up-lit genre, I guess!), this book was still immensely enjoyable. The characters were fun, the writing was easy to read & had humour in all the right places, and I just had a genuinely good time flipping through the pages devouring the rom-com style story.

Firstly, I really loved the characterisation in this novel. Not only of the main characters like Vanessa and Dave, but also of the smaller parts. One of my favourites was Vanessa’s best friend Kiri, a Kiwi with a killer sense of humour and sage advice, the kind of best friend we all need! Vanessa’s mother, Joy, was also so entertaining to read – I loved the scenes with her. Even though she was a bit of a caricature, I really liked how things were tied up with her at the end (no spoilers, I swear) and she was true to her name in being an absolute joy to have throughout the book!

I appreciated the skilful way Coleman threaded humour through her exploration of different kinds of relationships in this novel (not all of which are healthy), and loved the way Vanessa’s personal crises were balanced with her courage in the legal battle against a big-name author. It was comforting to read a character who, like many of us mere mortals, has her sh*t together in parts of her life and absolutely does not in others.

Also, as someone with friends who are aspiring authors & indeed some self-published authors, it was also interesting to read a story about a wannabe debut author having her first novel stolen by a dynamo in the romance-writing world, a kind of plagiarism that I was surprised to hear actually happens?! WTF!

Losing the Plot was an entertaining read overall, and as I turned the last page I realised how much I’m coming to love the ‘Up-Lit’ genre. It’s one that warms your heart, and while it doesn’t always provide the most surprising plot twists, it certainly leaves you with a smile on your face at the end.


Page Length: 376

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

How do you feel about rom-com style books? What are some of your favourites in this style/genre? I’ve been loving them lately so give me all the recommendations down in the comments, please!

M xx

Buy ‘Losing The Plot’ here

Thanks to Allen & Unwin for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

3 thoughts on “Losing the Plot – Elizabeth Coleman | Review

  1. Glad you enjoyed it, I, unfortunately, couldn’t stand this book and actually DNFed it! What did you think of all the Australian references? It made me cringe but I’d love your opinion on it 🙂


    1. Aw no I’m sorry to hear! I didn’t really notice them (not to the point that it annoyed me, anyway!) to be honest 😅 It’s funny what different people pick up when reading, hey! Hope you find another book you love to read soon 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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