Books from Australia| Top 3

This week is all about celebrating home-grown books and authors. Fortunately for me, Australia is home to so many fantastic authors who have woven wonderful tales. Unfortunately, I can only choose 3 of them this week…so I’ll try to mix up the genres a bit!

1. The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart – Holly Ringland

Image result for the lost flowers of alice hart

Australia is dripping from every page of this book, from the characters’ mannerisms and language, to the floral imagery on each chapter’s first page.

Lost Flowers is a beautiful novel, with a gripping story and emotionally-complex characters. I adored it and highly recommend!

2. The Book Ninja – Ali Berg and Michelle Kalus

Related image

There’s nothing quite like a romantic comedy in book form, especially when they’re set in Melbourne and about book-lovers just like us! (Okay, maybe not exactly like us).

The Book Ninja was a fun and quirky read that had me laughing and kept me speeding through the pages as I devoured every delightful word. It also has PLENTY of references to other books as well, in fact you can see them all in The Book Ninja Reading List I posted here.

3. Possum Magic – Mem Fox

Possum Magic : Voyager Books - Mem Fox

This is a quintessential Aussie children’s book, with beautiful pictures, a fun story, and loads of Aussie delicacies mentioned! We sent this to my partner’s young cousins over in Ireland and I hope they loved it as much as I did when I was young (and still do, let’s be honest!)

So, knowing that a bunch of my readers aren’t Aussies, I’d love to hear what your favourite home-grown books and authors are from your country!

And Aussies, let me know if you have different favourites to me (I assume you will – there’s so many to choose from!)

Also, a big shoutout to some Australian authors very dear to my heart:
Lisa Shanahan, my amazing aunt, who writes gorgeous books for children, middle grade readers, and Young Adults.
Alice Endacott, whose independently published fantasy books sparked my interest in the genre, and who is a gorgeous soul as a human!

Until next week,
M xx

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