Books I’d Like TV Adaptations For| Top 3

To be honest, I need new shows to binge watch so this is a very timely topic (thanks past self). That said, I have been working my way through Veronica Mars because THE NEW SEASON IS OUT and I am very excited (and trying my best to finish re-watching so I can enjoy fresh Neptune scenes!).

1. Strange the Dreamer – Laini Taylor

Image result for strange the dreamer cover

I feel like it would be SO COOL to see this world on screen, and there’s way too much to pack in to a movie so I think TV would be the way to go. Also, I will admit, I want to see Lazlo Strange come to life 😉

2. The Book Ninja – Ali Berg & Michelle Kalus

Image result for the book ninja cover

I can imagine the funny dates that would come out of Frankie’s ‘Book Ninja’ antics, and the underlying romance with the man she’s meant to be with would be so fun to see in a TV show format too! There are so many quirky characters in this novel, the cast would be epic and I have no doubt there’d be laughs aplenty.

3. The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency (Series) – Alexander McCall Smith

Image result for no 1 ladies detective agency cover

Okay I know this is already a series, kind of, but it only had 7 episodes and was produced by scum, I mean, Weinstein. SOOOO…can we have a decent human being please make a new series with a boatload of amazing POC actors and actresses, and also make it the full series it deserves? Thanks, folks. 😀

Are there any books you guys wish had their own TV series? Who would you cast in them?

Until next week,
M xx

7 thoughts on “Books I’d Like TV Adaptations For| Top 3

  1. I’d so love to see Strange the Dreamer on screen. It’s such a wonderful story, but I’m really afraid that they will mess it up.

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  2. So many things could be amazing adaptations… but they have to be made by the right people. Like, I truly believe that Piera Forde will do amazing things for Nevernight because she LOVES the books so much. It’s that passion that makes a good adaptation – not someone who just wants to do it to make money. (This is also why BBC classic adaptations are usually better.)

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