Book Wishes| Top 3

Top Three Thursday Book Wishes

OOPS it’s been a hot minute! The blog has taken a bit of a back seat the last couple of weeks as I’ve been sick, and work has been manic, and as much as I love chatting books 24/7 my health and the paying job have to come first 😉

BUT I AM BACK with this week’s Top 3 Thursday and I’ve decided to give a few different takes on ‘Book Wishes’ this time around.

1. Book Genie Wish

I would love a genie to grant me the wish to pause time so I could read (like the guys can in About Time). Honestly, I don’t think there’s a way for me to get through my TBR without this wish being granted so uh…if anyone knows a guy?

2. Top of my literal ‘wish list

Image result for beartown cover

I have been eyeing off Beartown for a very long time, and would love to finally get my hands on a copy to read! It was published in October 2018 and I STILL see it everywhere on my Instagram feed.

3. Library Loving

One day…ONE DAY…I will own a house with a library and a sliding ladder reminiscent of the one in Beauty and the Beast.

Image result for beauty and the beast gif library

So what are some of your book wishes? They can be from any of the above categories or beyond!

Until next week,
M xx

4 thoughts on “Book Wishes| Top 3

  1. We moved a couple of weeks (months?) ago and I must confess, I have my own study that has two walls filled with bookcases (I mean, it’s only 3 Billy bookcases on each wall), but it’s so nice to be able to have all my books in matching bookcases, and in one room as opposed to spread across the house. And I got a reading armchair too (no ladders though).
    If you get word about a genie, send him my way when you’ve caught up on your TBR!! 😂


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