Books I Didn’t Finish | Top 3

Hello! Turns out my scheduling of this post DID NOT WORK (oops) so here it is, one day late…better late than never is totally a thing though, right?

I know there are so many people out there who refuse to put a book down even if they’re hating it. It was how I lived my life for so long, but OH BOY once I started ‘DNFing’ books (as the bookstagram folk call it), I felt so liberated!

Not to mention the *literal CART* of books I am still yet to read sitting in the corner of my room seems a little more attainable when I know if a book just isn’t for me, I don’t need to finish it. This is officially me giving you the permission you don’t even need to just PUT A BOOK DOWN if you hate it. There’s too many good ones out there, people.

Now let’s move on to the actual books, shall we?

1. Asymmetry – Lisa Halliday

Image result for asymmetry by lisa halliday

This whole book (or the half I read) just felt like a giant banner saying “LOOK HOW MUCH SMARTER I AM THAN YOU, IF YOU DON’T GET THIS BOOK THEN YOU PROBABLY AREN’T INTELLIGENT ENOUGH”. It was fragmented, and had no flow, and when I turned a page on the second part and saw two pages of just block text with no paragraphs I snuck my bookmark away and shut that book closed tight. No thanks!

The critics loved it, and as far as I’m concerned they can keep it.

2. 99 Percent Mine – Sally Thorne

99 Percent Mine

I’m not too sure why I thought I’d like this any more than The Hating Game, but naively I did. And I was wrong. It was cliched, I felt like I knew what would happen after chapter one finished, and the characters were largely unlikeable. I’m starting to get in to this whole ‘romance genre’ thing but this just didn’t do the genre justice #sorrynotsorry

3. The Devil That Danced on the Water – Aminatta Forna

The Devil That Danced on the Water

This one I must admit I don’t have overly strong feelings about, it might have just been a case of picking it up at the wrong time in life and therefore not one I could get myself through…and now there’s just too many other books on my list! I have heard it’s great though, maybe just not my cup of tea.

Leave a comment and let me know if you put books down or struggle through them, even if you’re not feeling it. Or, tell me what your most recent ‘DNF’ book was!

Until next week,
M xx

2 thoughts on “Books I Didn’t Finish | Top 3

  1. Lol loved your description of how you stopped reading Asymmetry! If I bought a book, I feel like I need to finish it, so I’ll sometimes push through. But since I started using my library way more, I feel no guilt about DNFing and will DNF the heck out of books.

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