Books with Male Leads | Top 3

I don’t think I consciously gravitate to books narrated by or following a character of a specific gender, but when I look at books I’ve really loved and that fall in my 5-star list, it’s usually ones led by females. I’d assume this is because they tend to be narratives I relate to more strongly, but maybe it’s also the way they’re written – who knows!

1. The Green Mile – Stephen King

The Green Mile

I remember genuinely not being able to get my nose out of this book. I read it in high school and would open it as soon as I left home and read all the way to the bus stop, then on the bus to school. I would have hated having to wait for each new volume of the book to release if I was up to that reading level when it first got published, and am very grateful to have the complete novel at my fingertips! Highly recommend it!

2. The Alchemist – Paolo Coelho

The Alchemist, 25th Anniversary

I am very aware that this book tends to be a love-it or hate-it type thing, but I personally adore it. It came in to my life at just the right moment and I have since gifted many copies and lent my own out to a handful of people. It’s also one of the few books I’ve actually underlined passages in…with a pen… :-O

3. Red, White & Royal Blue – Casey McQuiston

Red, White & Royal Blue

Yeah look, I know, I gushed about this when I first read it, but I still adore it. It’s one of the first m/m romance books I remember reading AND it’s just so gorgeously written, the characters come to life on the page and none are too much of a caricature, they all find a way to nestle in to your heart. I admit it’s not a book for everyone (mostly those who don’t like reading romance), but I personally really enjoyed it!

Do you drift towards reading books with males or females as the lead characters? Is it conscious or just accidental (for me it’s definitely accidental, and probably a product of the genres I enjoy!).

I’d love to hear some of your top male led reads!

Until next week,
M xx

One thought on “Books with Male Leads | Top 3

  1. I definitely gravitate more to female narrators or driven books! I think my top 3 with male protagonists are… Magician by Raymond E Feist… The Hobbit… and… Harry Potter, maybe??


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