Bookstagram Accounts | Top 3

Ohhhh boy, given I follow more than 300 bookstagram accounts as @acosyreader, this is going to be a hard one to narrow down!

But I guess that’s part of the fun, right? To make this easier on myself, I’ve taken people I’ve met IRL out of contention, since I bang on about how much I love them pretty frequently over on Instagram – let this blog be for new discoveries and new appreciations!

Here we go (wish me luck)!

1. Kerry – @linesiunderline

Photo of Kerry from @linesiunderline Instagram Account
Source: @linesiunderline

Kerry has such a beautiful way of speaking about books and getting to the heart of the joyful experience reading is. Her captions often calm me down, and make me pause to think about the way I read and view books. She’s also such a genuine person, following her makes you feel like you’ve instantly made a friend. And don’t even get me started on Gryff and Crunchy, her adorable pooches who frequent Kerry’s Instagram stories – what dolls!

2. Autumn – @theliteraryheroine

Image result for autumn @theliteraryheroine
Source: @theliteraryheroine

This absolute GEM of a human is one of the most empathetic and open people I have spoken to through the bookstagram platform. She’s got a hella cute dog (I’m sensing a theme) and is a staunch advocate for chronic illness awareness, which has really helped me learn, too!

(Brief aside to say: caption your Instagram stories, peeps! The time it takes is such a small price to pay for the inclusion it brings a whole bunch of people on this platform we all dedicate so much time & energy to!)

3. Kristy – @sometimes_i_read_books

Kristy from @sometimes_i_read_books Instagram
Source: @sometimes_i_read_books

Kristy is one of the more recent accounts I have followed and OH BOY am I glad I did! We seem to have similar reading tastes, and I love the way Kristy makes ‘real life’ shots of books look so damn good! Plus, she’s just a lovely human who always reviews books with such warmth (even when she doesn’t like them she’s still super nice about it!). Thanks for brightening my feed, Kristy!

Alright, alright, it’s possible that two out of these three accounts I’ve listed are American because I’m DIGGING the fall vibes right now and we just don’t get the same thing in Aus! Sorry to my fellow Australian accounts, I love you all too, I swear!

Until next week,
M xx

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