Books Set in My Favourite Place | Top 3

Honestly even picking a favourite place is pretty damn hard for me, so I have chosen a few below and let you know where each of them is set!

There have been so many great books in my reading life, and I’m so bad at remembering ones I read a long time ago – so the three I’ve listed were all read in the past few months, but all are ones I recommend for different reasons & in different genres.

Pop your favourite reads & favourite places in the comments below – maybe I can find some new travel plans!

1. Normal People – Sally Rooney (Dublin)

Normal People

Oh, Dublin. You will forever have a special place in my heart – one year of my life spent exploring and loving you, and meeting my love on your cobblestone streets. Normal People was such a raw depiction of muddling through teenage years into adulthood, and I loved it even more for the way it took me back to nights out and cosy coffee stops in Dublin. The prose takes a bit to get used to but I still recommend the read!

2. The Surprising Power of a Good Dumpling – Wai Chim (Inner West Sydney)

The Surprising Power of a Good Dumpling

So NOT ONLY is this book set in Sydney, but parts are in Inner Western Sydney (aka where I’ve lived my entire life, other than that foray to Dublin), ANDDDDD much of it takes part in dumpling restaurants (aka where I would spend 66% of my mealtimes if I could – I’d stick to my brunch cafes for the other 34%).

This YA contemporary was such a beautiful and heartbreaking look at family, first love, mental illness, and such a relatable coming-of-age story. I couldn’t recommend it more to any fans of the genre. Read my full review of it here!

3. The Travelling Cat Chronicles – Hiro Arikawa

The Travelling Cat Chronicles

Three visits to Japan later, I can safely say there’s something about this beautiful country that I absolutely adore. I also love the way many (english-translated) Japanese fiction novels have this oddly calming and slow pace, while still keeping me entranced and turning the pages. This book definitely falls in to that category, and the fact it’s narrated by Nana the cat made it all the more charming.

Three favourite places, three favourite books. I’d love to hear some of yours in the comments below!

Until next week,
M xx

2 thoughts on “Books Set in My Favourite Place | Top 3

  1. Definitely Strange Weather in Tokyo by Hiromi Kawakami (no surprises there), The Vegetarian by Han Kang (set in Seoul) and The Red-Haired Woman by Orhan Pamuk (set in Istanbul). Now I want to go on a trip! Fun challenge 😊

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