March Reads | Wrap Up

What a hectic month March was! Moving to work from home life while still being so fresh in my new role & workplace has definitely been a challenge – but thankfully I still had books to help comfort & distract me from an otherwise pretty intense month!

Little Women – Louisa May Alcott

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I really enjoyed this book…as a child. As an adult, not quite so much!

The characters are still ones I hold dear, but I find that I now prefer more recent portrayals of them all (for example, I adored the most recent Little Women movie!). I don’t remember the book being quite so preachy – I know it’s very much of it’s time here but I must admit I tired of it pretty quickly on this reread.

The Mental Load – Emma


This was a quick graphic novel read, and discusses/focuses on a couple of different feminist issues, not just ‘The Mental Load’ concept.

I enjoyed reading it, and the Australian edit of the book flags some relevant statistics (as the book is originally published with French statistics…from memory). I always enjoy reading different perspectives on feminist issues, and it’s especially engaging in this comic format.

You can check out Emma’s comics on Instagram as well – click here. (Note: they’re in French ☺)

The Grace Year – Kim Liggett

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Dystopian literature? Yes please! This is slated as a YA but given the amount of violence in it, I’d probably be more comfortable classifying it as New Adult. Either way, it was a definite page turner. Now, not everything was done perfectly, and it definitely reminded me of a mash up version of Hunger Games/Divergent/etc. BUT it was unique enough and with compelling characters so kept me invested throughout.

It’s a bit twisty, a bit wtf, but a lot gripping. It seems to a be a love-it-or-hate-it kind of book from what I’ve seen, so you might have to read it for yourself to see where you land!

Side note – this one was my first ever ‘buddy read’ through bookstagram, which made it extra enjoyable getting to spin theories at the halfway mark (and end) of the novel with other bookish folks. Plus have someone point out part of the ending that I was totally oblivious to. Oops!

Dear Girls – Ali Wong (Audiobook!)


There’s a full review coming for this one – but OH BOY. It was funny, crass, heartfelt, and eye-opening all in one hit. If you’re a fan of Ali Wong’s humour generally, you’ll definitely love this.

If you’re not sure who Ali Wong is…well you’ll know after reading I guess. The book is written in the format of letters to her daughters, I imagine when they are MUCH older – ha. Ali opens up about various parts of her life from relationships & sex to grief, loss, and racism.

She narrates the audiobook herself which I always love in a celebrity memoir – my only recommendation is that you don’t listen at work lest your headphones die or your boss overhear 😉

Jane in Love – Rachel Givney

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I couldn’t not pick this one up – a ‘star out of time’ romance where Jane Austen has travelled to the present day to find her one true love.

Cheesy? Definitely. A bit cute? Also yes. This was an easy read, as most contemporary romances are for me, but the characters left me a bit wanting. None were overly lovable (except Jane herself, because…obviously), and on top of that I found the ending mildly unrealistic (I mean…moreso than the entire concept of a time-travelling Jane Austen already is).

For me, this one sits very much in the ‘comfort read that I won’t reach for again’ bucket – decent, but not one I’ll be pushing on anyone.

Me – Elton John (Audiobook!)


Honestly there wasn’t much not to love about this one! Elton John is such a household name, and it was so interesting after watching Rocketman to read more about his life (and the tones down version of some of those scenes!). Listening to all these stories, Elton’s home life, how he got started, his friendship with Bernie – it all just made me want to sit in my room and listen to Elton John’s music on repeat for days. To me – that’s the sign of a pretty great autobiography!

As a bonus, the audiobook is narrated by Taron Egerton, who plays Elton in the Rocketman biopic, with the foreword & epilogue read by Elton himself.

I hope you’re all doing well and finding books to excite, comfort, and calm you in the midst of this global pandemic.

I’d love to hear what you’ve been reading!

Until next time,
M xx

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Little Women – Louisa May Alcott
Dear Girls – Ali Wong
The Grace Year – Kim Liggett
The Mental Load – Emma
Jane In Love – Rachel Givney
Me – Elton John

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