I’m moving! (to a newsletter)

After roughly 10 months of neglecting this blog, I’m starting ‘fresh’ with A Cosy Reader: the newsletter !

It will be a sporadic (monthly?) but fun newsletter full of mini book reviews, recommendations, occasional doodles, and things to (hopefully) make you smile.

I’m starting this newsletter as a way to stay connected in a way that feels more personal than Instagram, especially as things that side of the internet continue to change (and not always how we’d like), and less like screaming into a void than this blog format. When I asked on my Instagram stories what people read more, the response was…overwhelmingly newsletters…and yes I fully recognise th irony of posting about this on my blog but here we are.

So, what do you say? Join me?

Click the image to sign up, or head to acosyreader.substack.com/welcome

Thank you so much for being here on my blogging journey – I hope you’ll join me on the next chapter too ♥

This blog will stay live & visible, so my old reviews and roundups won’t be going anywhere just yet 😉

Big love,
Mel x

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